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Structure de l'univers - quand l'observation guide la theorie... ou pas

  title={Structure de l'univers - quand l'observation guide la theorie... ou pas},
  author={Ya{\"e}l Naz{\'e}},
  journal={arXiv: History and Philosophy of Physics},
  • Y. Nazé
  • Published 1 December 2014
  • Art
  • arXiv: History and Philosophy of Physics
The scientific method is often presented, e.g. to children, as a linear process, starting by a question and ending by the elaboration of a theory, with a few experiments in-between. The reality of the building of science is much more complex, with back-and-forth motions between theories and observations, with some intervention of technology and randomness. This complex process is not always correctly understood and assimilated, even amongst scientists. The hero cult, mixed with some revisionism… 


Jeans étendra cette idée après 1917 à des spirales qu'il suppose formant un groupe d'étoiles (et non plus une seule comme proposé auparavant)