Structure-based exploration of cyclic dipeptide chitinase inhibitors.

  title={Structure-based exploration of cyclic dipeptide chitinase inhibitors.},
  author={Douglas R. Houston and Bj\ornar Synstad and Vincent G H Eijsink and Michael J R Stark and Ian M. Eggleston and Daan M F van Aalten},
  journal={Journal of medicinal chemistry},
  volume={47 23},
Family 18 chitinases play an essential role in a range of pathogens and pests. Several inhibitors are known, including the potent inhibitors argadin and allosamidin, and the structures of these in complex with chitinases have been elucidated. Recent structural analysis has revealed that CI-4 [cyclo-(L-Arg-D-Pro)] inhibits family 18 chitinases by mimicking… CONTINUE READING