Structure-based design of anticancer prodrug PABA/NO

  title={Structure-based design of anticancer prodrug PABA/NO},
  author={Xinhua Ji and Ajai Pal and Ravi Kalathur and Xun Hu and Yijun Gu and Joseph E. Saavedra and Gregory S. Buzard and Aloka Srinivasan and Larry K. Keefer and Shivendra V Singh},
  booktitle={Drug design, development and therapy},
Glutathione S-transferase (GST) is a superfamily of detoxification enzymes, represented by GSTalpha, GSTmu, GSTpi, etc. GSTalpha is the predominant isoform of GST in human liver, playing important roles for our well being. GSTpi is overexpressed in many forms of cancer, thus presenting an opportunity for selective targeting of cancer cells. Our structure-based design of prodrugs intended to release cytotoxic levels of nitric oxide in GSTpi-overexpressing cancer cells yielded PABA/NO, which… CONTINUE READING


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