Structure at 0.85 Å resolution of an early protein photocycle intermediate

  title={Structure at 0.85 {\AA} resolution of an early protein photocycle intermediate},
  author={Ulrich K. Genick and S Michael Soltis and P. Kuhn and Ilona L. Canestrelli and Elizabeth D. Getzoff},
Protein photosensors from all kingdoms of life, use bound organic molecules, known as chromophores, to detect light. A specific double bond within each chromophore is isomerized by light, triggering slower changes in the protein as a whole. The initial movements of the chromophore, which can occur in femtoseconds, are tightly constrained by the surrounding protein, making it difficult to see how isomerization can occur, be recognized, and be appropriately converted into a protein-wide… CONTINUE READING
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