Structure and regulation of tobacco extensin.

  title={Structure and regulation of tobacco extensin.},
  author={Johan Memelink and Kathleen Swords and R J de Kam and Rob A. Schilperoort and James C. Hoge and L Andrew Staehelin},
  journal={The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology},
  volume={4 6},
A tobacco cDNA clone (pCNT1) was characterized that encodes an extensin apoprotein almost entirely composed of the repeats Ser-Pro4(-Lys2), Pro-Tyr2-Pro2-His and Thr-Pro-Val-Tyr-Lys. In healthy plants extensin transcripts are abundant in the roots, less prevalent in the stem and rare in the leaves. In leaves extensin mRNA is induced by wounding, ethylene or virus infection. Tobacco was transformed with pCNT1 cDNA coupled in sense or antisense orientation to the CaMV 35S promoter. Analysis of… CONTINUE READING


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