Structure and regulation of the luteinizing hormone receptor gene.

  title={Structure and regulation of the luteinizing hormone receptor gene.},
  author={Maria L. Dufau and Chon Hwa Tsai-Morris and Z Z Hu and Ellen S Buczko},
  journal={The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology},
  volume={53 1-6},
Studies of the mechanisms controlling the expression of the rat luteinizing hormone receptor gene were pursued by characterization of the gene structure and identification of regulatory protein binding domains in the 5'-non-coding region of the gene and of 3' non-coding functional domains responsible for generation of the major mRNA forms. The coding region of the rat LHR gene contains 10 introns and 11 exons, of which the first 10 exons comprise the hormone binding extracellular domain and… CONTINUE READING