Structure and phase behavior of polymer loaded non-ionic and anionic microemulsions.


We investigate the structure and phase behavior of C12E4 based reverse water in octane microemulsions with small angle x-ray scattering and small angle neutron scattering experiments to explore the phase diagram of the droplet structure. In the regime of stable droplets, these droplets are loaded with the hydrophilic polymer polyethyleneoxide (MW = 1500 g/mol) and compared with microemulsions based on the anionic surfactant AOT. In the small angle neutron scattering experiments, we use shell contrast to focus on the surfactant shell and its variation with addition of polymer. We observe, as predicted by indirect measurements such as dielectric spectroscopy, that the polymer interacts differently with a nonionic or an anionic surfactant shell: In the former case the addition of polymer does not seem to affect the surfactant shell. In the latter case, the obtained scattering data show that the anionic surfactant layer is strongly influenced leading to a higher polydispersity which may be attributed to a floppier surfactant shell.

DOI: 10.1063/1.4945610

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