Structure and optical properties of gel grown crystals of diaqua maleatocalcium (II)

  title={Structure and optical properties of gel grown crystals of diaqua maleatocalcium (II)},
  author={V. Mahalakshmi and A. Lincy and J. E. Thomas and K. V. Saban},
Abstract Crystals of diaqua maleatocalcium (II) (CaC4H2O4·2H2O) have been grown by the controlled diffusion of ionic species in inert hydrosilica gel. The single crystal X-ray diffraction studies reveal that the crystal belongs to orthorhombic system with non-centrosymmetric space group P212121. The unit cell parameters are a = 6.849(5) A, b = 8.665(5) A, c = 11.002(5) A and α = β = γ = 90.000(5)°. The functional groups present in the compound are identified from the FTIR spectrum… Expand
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