Structure and expression of the mouse oxytocin receptor gene.

  title={Structure and expression of the mouse oxytocin receptor gene.},
  author={Yutaka Kubota and Tadashi Kimura and Katsuyuki Hashimoto and Yoshihiro Tokugawa and K Nobunaga and Chihiro Azuma and Fumitaka Saji and Yoshiharu Matsuura Murata},
  journal={Molecular and cellular endocrinology},
  volume={124 1-2},
To determine the structure of the mouse oxytocin receptor (OTR) gene, we have screened a mouse genomic library and confirmed cDNA sequence with rapid amplification of cDNA ends. Southern blot using human OTR cDNA probes indicated that the mouse genome has a single copy of the gene. The predicted amino acid sequence is 91% identical to human OTR. The gene contains 4 exons and 3 introns. Exons 1 and 2 contain the 5' untranslated region, with exons 3 and 4 encoding the amino acids of the receptor… CONTINUE READING


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The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience • 2016

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