Structure and evolutionary aspects of matrix metalloproteinases: A brief overview

  title={Structure and evolutionary aspects of matrix metalloproteinases: A brief overview},
  author={Sudip Sundar Das and Malay Mandal and Tapati Chakraborti and Amritlal Mandal and Sajal Chakraborti},
  journal={Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry},
The matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are zinc dependent endopeptidases known for their ability to cleave one or several extracellular matrix (ECM) constituents, as well as non-matrix proteins. They comprise a large family of proteinases that share common structural and functional elements and are products of different genes. All members of this family contain a signal peptide, a propeptide and a catalytic domain. The catalytic domain contains two zinc ions and at least one calcium ion… CONTINUE READING


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