Structure and evolution of a large-scale Wireless Community Network

  title={Structure and evolution of a large-scale Wireless Community Network},
  author={Fotios A. Elianos and Georgia Plakia and Pantelis A. Frangoudis and George C. Polyzos},
  journal={2009 IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks & Workshops},
In recent years, we have witnessed a trend towards open wireless access, mainly driven by the low cost of IEEE 802.11-capable equipment and its operation in unlicensed spectrum. This trend has many faces; municipalities set up free Wi-Fi hotspots for Internet connectivity in public spaces, while Wi-Fi access is provided as an extra service to customers in other venues, such as restaurants or hotels. Also, in many metropolitan areas worldwide, communityinitiated wireless mesh networks have… CONTINUE READING
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