Structure and dynamics of membranous interfaces

  title={Structure and dynamics of membranous interfaces},
  author={Kaushik Nag},
Introduction. Part I: Membrane Structure. 1. The Membrane Interface as a Structured Compartment and a Substrate for Enzyme Action (Ole G. Mouritsen Luis A. Bagatolli, and Adam C. Simonsen). 2. Tof-SIMS Imaging of Lipid/Protein Model Systems (Michael Seifert, Mohammed Saleem, Daniel Breitenstein, Hans-Joachim Galla, and Michaela C. Meyera). 3. Flexibility and Structure of Fluid Bilayer Interfaces (Michael Rappolt and Georg Pabst). 4. X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Lung Surfactant Membrane… CONTINUE READING