Structure and Taxonomic Status of Trichogloea Herveyi

  title={Structure and Taxonomic Status of Trichogloea Herveyi},
  author={Randolph Taylor},
  journal={Journal of aquatic ecosystem health},
  • Randolph Taylor
  • Published 1 April 1951
  • Biology
  • Journal of aquatic ecosystem health
In March 1915, F . S . COLLINS issued in Fascicle XLI of the Phycotheca Boreali-Americana a specimen (no. 2034) bearing the name Trichogloea Herveyi, ascribing it to W . A. SETCHELL as a manuscript name, doubtless expecting that SETCHELL would soon publish an account of it. The plant still was undescribed when COLLINS and HERVEY (1917, p. 98) published their Algae of Bermuda, and seems still a nomen nudum (PAPENFUSS 1946, p. 420). In the course of time a few other Bermudian collections have… 
Studies in the Liagoraceae (Nemaliales, Rhodophyta) I. The genus Trichogloea
A comparative morphological account of the species of Trichogloea is provided, confirming as independent species T. requienii, T. lubrica,T.
Helminthora and Helminthocladia from California
Isotype material of the male and female reproductive structures of Helminthora stricta and Helminthocladia californica from California shows that the development of the cystocarp seems to be diagnostic when compared to what is known in other species.
A checklist of the benthic marine algae of Barbados, West Indies
Abstract An updated checklist of the benthic marine algae (seaweeds) of Barbados, Lesser Antilles, is presented, with a total of 308 taxa, consisting of 168 taxa of red algae (Rhodophyta), 49 taxa of
A molecular evaluation of the Liagoraceae sensu lato (Nemaliales, Rhodophyta) in Bermuda including Liagora nesophila sp. nov. and Yamadaella grassyi sp. nov.
A comprehensive, molecular‐assisted alpha‐taxonomic examination of the rhodophyte family Liagoraceae sensu lato, a group that has not previously been targeted for molecular studies in the western Atlantic, indicates that in Bermuda alone there are 10 species in nine different genera, and the addition of three genera to the flora.
Integrating molecular and traditional systematic techniques to redefine red algal (rhodophyte) diversity in the Bermuda Islands
A overwhelming underrepresentation of diversity in historical records of the islands macroalgal flora is suggested, and the importance of generating an accurate baseline dataset for future work is highlighted.
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The author reveals the secrets of the diamond-like properties that have attracted the attention of scientists since their discovery in the 19th Century.


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