Structure and Symmetry in Sir Gawain

  title={Structure and Symmetry in Sir Gawain},
  author={D. Howard},
  pages={425 - 433}
No one who reads Sir Gawain and the Green Knight fails to notice its elaborate, symmetrical structure. Everywhere in the poem is balance, contrast, and antithesis. Things are arranged in pairs there are two New Year's days, two "beheading" scenes, two courts, two confessions; or in threes three temptations, three hunts, three kisses, three strokes of the ax. These intricacies are unobtrusively integrated with events and themes; and perhaps just for that reason, critics have taken note of them… Expand
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It is quite clear from this context that, by "cortaysye", the Lady means something more than graceful manners and "... J>e teccheles termes of talkyng noble" ). In all, the Lady uses the wordsExpand
That the shield and girdle stand in relation to each other is recognized by
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