Structure and Properties of Water in its Various States

  title={Structure and Properties of Water in its Various States},
  author={Martin F. Chaplin},
  • M. Chaplin
  • Published 29 December 2019
  • Materials Science
Current Science and the Black Hole Connection
  • D. Meijer
  • Advances in Media, Entertainment, and the Arts
  • 2022
In this chapter, an attempt is made to provide a condensed overview of the alarming state of the art of current scientific endeavor, as it is revealed in an international spectrum of critical reports
Detecting Biosignatures in the Atmospheres of Gas Dwarf Planets with the James Webb Space Telescope
Exoplanets with radii between those of Earth and Neptune have stronger surface gravity than Earth, and can retain a sizable hydrogen-dominated atmosphere. In contrast to gas giant planets, we call
Estimation of water and ice layer properties on diffusely reflecting substrates by modelling a single NIR spectrum
Abstract We present a spectral model for optical non-invasive estimation of layer thickness and water/ice content on diffusely reflecting substrate materials based on a single near-infrared spectrum.
Giant Third-Order Nonlinear Response of Liquids at Terahertz Frequencies
The nonlinear response of liquids in the terahertz regime has recently attracted significant interest, even though very few measurements have been reported. Here, we report on our measurements based
Glacial Deaths, Geologic Extinction
In 2019 several funerals were held for glaciers. If enough glaciers die, could they go extinct? Is there geologic extinction? Yes. This article develops three arguments to support this claim. The
High Dimensional Fluctuations in Liquid Water: Combining Chemical Intuition with Unsupervised Learning
The microscopic description of the local structure of water remains an open challenge. Here, we adopt an agnostic approach to understanding water’s hydrogen bond network using data harvested from
Implications of an improved water equation of state for water-rich planets
Water (H2O), in all forms, is an important constituent in planetary bodies, controlling habitability and influencing geological activity. Under conditions found in the interior of many planets, as
LaUV: A Physics-Based UV Light Simulator for Disinfection and Communication Applications
The sterilization properties of the C-band of the ultraviolet (UV) light have been well-known for many years; however, their application has become more vital and widespread today due to the Covid-19


Supercooled Water
Is High-Density Amorphous Ice Simply a "Derailed" State along the Ice I to Ice IV Pathway?
It is shown that ammonium fluoride (NH4F), which has a similar hydrogen-bonded network to ice I, also undergoes a pressure collapse upon compression at 77 K, and is classified as a "derailed" state along the ice I to ice IV pathway.
Detailed crystallographic analysis of the ice VI to ice XV hydrogen ordering phase transition.
Using a new modelling approach, the atomistic reconstruction of a supercell structure that is consistent with the average partially ordered structure derived from Rietveld refinements is achieved, showing that C-type networks are most prevalent in ice XV, but other structural motifs outside of the classifications of the fully hydrogen-ordered networks are identified as well.
Dynamics anomaly in high-density amorphous ice between 0.7 and 1.1 GPa
We studied high-density amorphous ices between 0.004 and 1.6 GPa by isobaric in situ volumetry and by subsequent ex situ x-ray diffraction and differential scanning calorimetry at 1 bar. Our
Free energy contributions and structural characterization of stacking disordered ices.
The free energy cost of stacking disorder, line defects, and interfaces in ice is computed and it is concluded that a characterization of the density of these defects is required to predict the degree of metastability and vapor pressure of atmospheric ices.
Hydrogen-Stuffed, Quartz-like Water Ice.
Through use of in situ Raman spectroscopy and single-crystal/powder X-ray diffraction, the "C0" phase structure discovered recently in the H2 + H2O system is resolved and shows topological similarities with the mineral quartz.
On the existence of two states in liquid water: impact on biological and nanoscopic systems
This work reviews several properties of liquid water, including the dielectric constant and the proton-spin lattice relaxation, and draws attention to a bilinear behaviour defining a crossover in the
Probing water with X-ray lasers
Abstract Here, we discuss three cases where the X-ray free-electron laser, the Linac Coherent Light Source, has been used to probe water. The ability to cool water very rapidly down to 227 K and to
Refined Structure of Metastable Ice XVII from Neutron Diffraction Measurements
The structure of the recently identified metastable ice XVII, obtained by release of hydrogen from the C0-structure D2O-H2 compound (filled ice), has been accurately measured by neutron powder
The hydrogen-bond network of water supports propagating optical phonon-like modes
The dynamics of liquid water have more similarities to ice than previously thought and it is argued that on subpicosecond time scales these modes propagate through water's hydrogen-bond network over distances of up to 2 nm.