Structure and Biosynthesis of the Antibiotic Bottromycin D

  title={Structure and Biosynthesis of the Antibiotic Bottromycin D},
  author={Yanpeng Hou and Ma. Diarey B. Tianero and Jason C Kwan and Thomas P Wyche and Cole R. Michel and Gregory A. Ellis and Emmanuel Vazquez-Rivera and Doug R. Braun and Warren E. Rose and Eric W Schmidt and Tim S Bugni},
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Drug resistant infectious diseases are quickly becoming a global health crisis. While Streptomyces spp. have been a major source of antibiotics over the past 50 years, efficient methods are needed to identify new antibiotics and greatly improve the rate of discovery. LCMS-based metabolomics were applied to analyze extracts of 50 Streptomyes spp. Using this… CONTINUE READING