Structure-activity studies of heparan mimetic polyanions for anti-prion therapies.

  title={Structure-activity studies of heparan mimetic polyanions for anti-prion therapies.},
  author={Mohand-Ouidir Ouidja and Emmanuel Petit and M E Kerros and Yasunori Ikeda and Christophe Morin and Gilles Carpentier and Denis Barritault and Jeanne Brug{\`e}re-Picoux and J. P. Deslys and Karim Tarik Adjou and Dulc{\'e} Papy-Garcia},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={363 1},
Polysulfated molecules, as the family of heparan mimetics (HMs) and pentosan polysulfate, are considered among the more promising drugs used in experimental models of prion diseases. Regardless of their therapeutic potential, structure-function studies on these polyanions are still missing. Here, we report the syntheses of a library of HMs of different molecular sizes, containing various sulfation and carboxylation levels, and substituted or not by different hydrophobic cores. The HMs… CONTINUE READING