Structure-activity studies of RALF, Rapid Alkalinization Factor, reveal an essential--YISY--motif.

  title={Structure-activity studies of RALF, Rapid Alkalinization Factor, reveal an essential--YISY--motif.},
  author={Gregory Pearce and Yube Yamaguchi and Gerhard R. Munske and Clarence A. Ryan},
  volume={31 11},
Rapid Alkalinization Factor (RALF) is a 49-amino acid peptide initially isolated from tobacco leaves that is capable of arresting both root and pollen tube growth. With suspension cells, addition of RALF causes an elevation of the pH of the extracellular media, caused by the blockage of a proton pump. RALF associates with a putative receptor(s) on the surface of the plant cell, initiating a signal transduction pathway. Although the exact function(s) of RALFs are unknown, its presence throughout… CONTINUE READING


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