Structure Reassignment of Laurefurenynes A and B by Computation and Total Synthesis

  title={Structure Reassignment of Laurefurenynes A and B by Computation and Total Synthesis},
  author={D. J. Shepherd and Phillip A Broadwith and Bryony S Dyson and Robert S. Paton and Jonathan W. Burton},
  journal={Chemistry (Weinheim an Der Bergstrasse, Germany)},
  pages={12644 - 12648}
The originally assigned stereostructures of laurefurenynes A and B have been reassigned on the basis of DFT calculations of NMR chemical shifts, synthesis of model compounds and total synthesis of laurefurenyne B, demonstrating the power of this combined approach for stereostructure elucidation/confirmation. 
Substrate-Controlled Asymmetric Total Synthesis and Structure Revision of (-)-Bisezakyne A.
This substrate-controlled synthesis of this oxolane natural product features a highly stereoselective "protecting-group-dependent" intramolecular amide enolate alkylation strategy for the synthesis of the key 9,10-trans-9,12-cis-10-hydroxytetrahydrofuran intermediate through "nonchelate" control.
Total Synthesis of Notoryne.
This work documents the first total synthesis of notoryne, confirming its assigned relative and absolute configurations, and proposes a devised route for installing the cis-enyne unit.
Unified Approach for the Total Synthesis of Bis-THF C15 Acetogenins: A Chloroenyne from Laurencia majuscula, Laurendecumenyne B and Laurefurenynes A/B
A highly diastereoselective total synthesis of several bis-THF C15 acetogenin class of natural products: chloroenyne from Laurencia Majuscula, laurendecumenyne B laurefurenynes A/B and synthesis of
Stereocontrolled Synthesis of a Possible Stereoisomer of Laurenidificin and a Formal Total Synthesis of (+)-Aplysiallene Featuring a Stereospecific Ring Contraction.
A formal total synthesis of (+)-aplysiallene was achieved by extending the ring contraction strategy and the absolute stereochemistry of the natural product was proposed on the basis of NMR analyses.
Total Synthesis of Two Possible Diastereomers of Natural 6-Chlorotetrahydrofuran Acetogenin and Its Stereostructural Elucidation.
Comparison of their 1 H and 13 C NMR data and specific rotation with those of the natural product elucidated the absolute configuration of natural (-)-6-chlorotetrahydrofuran acetogenin 1.
Synthesis of the C19–C30 bis-THF fragment of iriomoteolide-13a via stepwise SN2 cyclization and intramolecular syn-oxypalladation
The bis-THF subunit of iriomoteolide-13a was stereoselectively constructed from the non-protected ene triol via syn-oxypalladation with excellent atom efficiency.
A concise/catalytic approach for the construction of the C14-C28 fragment of eribulin.
A simple approach for the synthesis of the C14-C28 fragment of eribulin has been developed by employing a one-pot gold-catalyzed alkynol cyclization/Kishi reduction to construct the
Forwards and backwards – synthesis of Laurencia natural products using a biomimetic and retrobiomimetic strategy incorporating structural reassignment of laurefurenynes C–F†
The structures of Laurefurenynes C–F are reassigned and four reassigned structures are synthesized using a biomimetic approach demonstrating that they are the actual structures of the natural products.
Structure Determination of a Chloroenyne from Laurencia majuscula Using Computational Methods and Total Synthesis
The structure determination of a small, stereochemically rich natural product from Laurencia majuscula is reported using the powerful combination of computational methods and total synthesis, along with the structure confirmation of notoryne using the same approach.
Proof-of-principle direct double cyclisation of a linear C15-precursor to a dibrominated bicyclic medium-ring ether relevant to Laurencia species.
Bicyclic dibrominated C15 medium-ring ether hexahydrolaureoxanyne was produced directly from an acyclic model C15-epoxide when treated with NBS with water as the solvent.


Enantioselective total synthesis of (+)-obtusenyne.
A total synthesis of the laurencia metabolite (+)-obtusenyne has been completed. The key steps include a Sharpless kinetic resolution and an asymmetric glycolate alkylation to establish the
Unprecedented stereoselective synthesis of cyclopenta[b]benzofuran derivatives and their characterisation assisted by aligned media NMR and 13C chemical shift ab initio predictions.
A new approach to the synthesis of cyclopenta[b]benzofuran derivatives via reaction of 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds with α,β,γ,δ-unsaturated aldehydes is described. The constitution and configuration of
Synthesis of the originally proposed structures of elatenyne and an enyne from Laurencia majuscula.
A bidirectional synthesis of the originally proposed structures for the natural products elatenyne and a chloroenyne from Laurencia majuscula is described along with a reassessment of the structures
Biomimetic asymmetric total synthesis of (-)-laurefucin via an organoselenium-mediated intramolecular hydroxyetherification.
The first asymmetric total synthesis of (-)-laurefucin (1), a unique C-15 acetogenin with a 2,8-dioxabicyclo[5.2.1]decane skeleton, has been accomplished in nine steps in 31% overall yield from known
A general strategy for the stereocontrolled preparation of diverse 8- and 9-membered Laurencia-type bromoethers.
A unique procedure to effect a ring-expanding bromoetherification process is described, wherein tetrahydrofurans and tetrahydropyrans are smoothly transformed into 8- and 9-membered bromoethers in a
Prediction of the structure of nobilisitine a using computed NMR chemical shifts.
1H and 13C NMR computed chemical shifts are determined for eight diastereomers of the originally proposed structure of nobilisitine A, which has recently been shown to be incorrect. On the basis of
Total synthesis and structure confirmation of elatenyne: success of computational methods for NMR prediction with highly flexible diastereomers.
The total synthesis of elatenyne demonstrates that DFT calculations of (13)C NMR chemical shifts coupled with biosynthetic postulates, comprise a very useful method for distinguishing among large numbers of highly flexible, closely related molecules.
The Osmium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Dihydroxylation: A New Ligand Class and a Process Improvement
Two key improvements in the osmiuun-catalyzed asymmetric dihydroxylation have led to a simple procedure which is applicable to a wide range of olefins.
Asymmetric total synthesis of trilobacin via organoselenium-mediated oxonium ion formation/SiO2-promoted fragmentation.
An asymmetric total synthesis of trilobacin (1), an annonaceous acetogenin with potent anticancer activities, was accomplished wherein the construction of its erythro-bis(2,2')-tetrahydrofuran core 2
Relative stereochemical determination and synthesis of the C17-C25 δ-lactone fragment of hemicalide.
NMR analysis of authentic hemicalide along with a computational conformation study allowed us to reduce the number of putative relative isomers from 16 to 4 and deduce the relative stereochemistry of the C1-C17 fragment with high certainty.