Structure Of Hæemoglobin: A Three-Dimensional Fourier Synthesis of Reduced Human Haemoglobin at 5.5 Å Resolution

  title={Structure Of H{\ae}emoglobin: A Three-Dimensional Fourier Synthesis of Reduced Human Haemoglobin at 5.5 Å Resolution},
  author={Hilary Muirhead and Max Ferdinand Perutz},
Structure Of Haeemoglobin: A Three-Dimensional Fourier Synthesis of Reduced Human Haemoglobin at 5.5 A Resolution 

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Three Dimensional Fourier Synthesis of Horse Deoxyhaemoglobin at 2.8 Å Resolution
THE deoxyhaemoglobin of horse forms orthorhombic crystals with the space group C2221 and four molecules in the unit cell, which lie on two-fold symmetry axes. A Fourier synthesis at 5.5 Å resolution
Neutron small-angle scattering from aqueous solutions of oxy- and deoxyhaemoglobin.
Abstract The neutron small-angle scattering of human haemoglobin in aqueous solution was measured. Oxygenated and deoxygenated haemoglobin were found to differ in radius of gyration.
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The structure of Haemoglobin and its role in Oxygen Equilibrium and Factors Aficting the oxygen Equilibrium are described.
Structure and function of haemoglobin: IV. A three-dimensional Fourier synthesis of horse deoxyhaemoglobin at 5.5 Å resolution
hkl reflexions from crystals of native human deoxyhaemoglobin and from four isomorphous heavy-atom derivatives have been recorded photographically. The “best” phase angles have been calculated from
Structure and cooperativity of haemoglobin
Tertiary and quaternary structural changes in haemoglobin are coupled in a way that suggests an underlying two-state allosteric mechanism for its cooperative ligand binding.
Intermediate structure of normal human haemoglobin: methaemoglobin in the deoxy quaternary conformation.
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Electron density maps show the α haems to undergo autoxidation more readily than theβ haems, just as the β haems were reduced more easily than theα haems in BME-haemoglobin.
Intracellular Organic Phosphates as Regulators of Oxygen Release by Haemoglobin
2,3-Diphosphoglycerate is present in the red cells of many species at about equimolar concentration to haemoglobin and facilitates oxygen unloading because it is preferentially bound to deoxyhaemoglobin in the ratio of one mole per tetramer.
Structure and function of haemoglobin: I. A tentative atomic model of horse oxyhaemoglobin
The model has been constructed by combining information from the three-dimensional Fourier syntheses of horse oxyhaemoglobin at 5·5 A and of sperm whale myoglobin at 1·4 A resolution. Between them,
Structure of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase: I. Structural symmetry and conformational changes
Abstract The paper describes a preliminary X-ray investigation of crystals of horse-liver alcohol dehydrogenase and various binary and ternary complexes formed between this enzyme, its coenzyme, and
The oxidation of haemoglobin.
An extension of the model of allosteric transitions to include the energy of repulsion of these charges is in good agreement with the experimental data.


Electron Spin Resonance in Myoglobin and Hæmoglobin: Orientation of the Hæm Group in Myoglobin and its Relation to the Polypeptide Chain Direction
Electron Spin Resonance in Myoglobin and Haemoglobin: Orientation of the Haem Group in Myoglobin and its Relation to the Polypeptide Chain Direction
The structure of haemoglobin VIII. A three-dimensional Fourier synthesis at 5.5 Å resolution: determination of the phase angles
Determination of the phase angles of a crystalline protein requires a series of isomorphous heavy-atom compounds, with heavy atoms attached to different sites on the protein molecule. The asymmetric
The Structure of haemoglobin - VII. Determination of phase angles in the non-centrosymmetric [100] zone
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In the last paper in this series a Fourier projection down the [010] axis of horse haemoglobin was given (Bragg & Perutz 1954). This projection was centrosymmetric. As a first step towards the
Some relations between structure and function in hemoglobin
The cardinal problem that presents itself when one surveys the impressive amount of data available for the structure of the hemoglobin molecule is, of course, how such a bewilderingly complex
The reaction of normal adult human haemoglobin with heavy-metal reagents.
This work was done during the tenure of a British Council Scholarship (1957-59) and a grant from the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y T6cnicas, (Buenos Aires, Argentina) (1959-60).
The interaction of bromthymol blue with hemoglobin and its effect on the oxygen equilibrium.
The characteristic difference of behaviour shown by the oxy and deoxy forms of normal hemoglobin is lacking in myoglobin and those modified forms of hemoglobin which have simple hyperbolic oxygen-equilibrium curves.
Allosteric proteins and cellular control systems.
The biological activity of many proteins is controlled by specific metabolites which do not interact directly with the substrates or products of the reactions, and it is suggested that this mechanism plays an essential role in the regulation of metabolic activity.
The single isomorphous replacement method
1195 and refinement was usually complete after ten to fifteen cycles. The refined values of the parameters compared well with the Rossmann programme values, except for the effective atomic numbers,