Structure électronique des films passifs formés sur l'acier inoxydable austénitique 17 Cr-8Ni

  title={Structure {\'e}lectronique des films passifs form{\'e}s sur l'acier inoxydable aust{\'e}nitique 17 Cr-8Ni},
  author={N. E. Hakiki and B. Rondot and Manuel da Cunha Belo},
The capacitance of passive films formed on the austenitic stainless 17 Cr-8Ni was studied as a function of the applied potential. The results show that the films behave as n-type and p-type semiconductors in the potential range above and below the flat band potential (V>V fb and V< fb ) respectively. This behavior is due to the γ-Fe 2 O 3 and Cr 2 O 3 which are in contact with the electrolyte and the metallic substrate respectively. The electronic structure model proposed describes the passive… CONTINUE READING