Structure/function studies of anticoagulant sulphated polysaccharides using NMR.

  title={Structure/function studies of anticoagulant sulphated polysaccharides using NMR.},
  author={Barbara Mulloy and Paulo A. S. Mour{\~a}o and Elaine Gray},
  journal={Journal of biotechnology},
  volume={77 1},
Sulphated polysaccharides have many biological functions, which depend on binding of highly specific carbohydrate structures to proteins. NMR spectroscopy is a technique capable of detailed structural elucidation of these polysaccharides, and can be used in applications ranging from routine analysis to research into covalent and conformational aspects of polysaccharide structure. This technique can be used to characterise sequence variations in heparin samples. The NMR-determined solution… CONTINUE READING


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