Structure, mechanism, and regulation of the Neurospora plasma membrane H+-ATPase.

  title={Structure, mechanism, and regulation of the Neurospora plasma membrane H+-ATPase.},
  author={Werner K{\"u}hlbrandt and J. Ph. Zeelen and J. Dietrich},
  volume={297 5587},
Proton pumps in the plasma membrane of plants and yeasts maintain the intracellular pH and membrane potential. To gain insight into the molecular mechanisms of proton pumping, we built an atomic homology model of the proton pump based on the 2.6 angstrom x-ray structure of the related Ca2+ pump from rabbit sarcoplasmic reticulum. The model, when fitted to an 8 angstrom map of the Neurospora proton pump determined by electron microscopy, reveals the likely path of the proton through the membrane… CONTINUE READING
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