Structure, Function, and Evolution of the Thiomonas spp. Genome

  title={Structure, Function, and Evolution of the Thiomonas spp. Genome},
  author={Florence Ars{\`e}ne-Ploetze and Sandrine Koechler and Marie Marchal and Jean-Yves Copp{\'e}e and Michael Chandler and Violaine Bonnefoy and C{\'e}line Brochier-Armanet and Mohamed Barakat and Val{\'e}rie Barbe and Fabienne Battaglia-Brunet and Odile Bruneel and Christopher G. Bryan and Jessica Cleiss-Arnold and St{\'e}phane Cruveiller and Mathieu Erhardt and Audrey Heinrich-Salmeron and Florence Hommais and Catherine Joulian and Evelyne Krin and Aur{\'e}lie Lieutaud and Didier Li{\`e}vremont and Caroline Michel and Daniel Muller and Philippe Ortet and Caroline Proux and Patricia Siguier and David Roche and Zo{\'e} Rouy and Gregory Salvignol and Djamila Slyemi and E. Talla and St{\'e}phanie Weiss and Jean Weissenbach and Claudine M{\'e}digue and Philippe N. Bertin},
  booktitle={PLoS genetics},
Bacteria of the Thiomonas genus are ubiquitous in extreme environments, such as arsenic-rich acid mine drainage (AMD). The genome of one of these strains, Thiomonas sp. 3As, was sequenced, annotated, and examined, revealing specific adaptations allowing this bacterium to survive and grow in its highly toxic environment. In order to explore genomic diversity as well as genetic evolution in Thiomonas spp., a comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) approach was used on eight different strains of… CONTINUE READING


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