Structural view of a fungal toxin acting on a 14-3-3 regulatory complex.

  title={Structural view of a fungal toxin acting on a 14-3-3 regulatory complex.},
  author={Martin W{\"u}rtele and Christian Jelich-Ottmann and Alfred Wittinghofer and Claudia Oecking},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={22 5},
The fungal phytotoxin fusicoccin stabilizes the interaction between the C-terminus of the plant plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase and 14-3-3 proteins, thus leading to permanent activation of the proton pump. This results in an irreversible opening of the stomatal pore, followed by wilting of plants. Here, we report the crystal structure of the ternary complex between a plant 14-3-3 protein, fusicoccin and a phosphopeptide derived from the C-terminus of the H(+)-ATPase. Comparison with the… CONTINUE READING


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