Structural transition in indium phosphide nanowires.

  title={Structural transition in indium phosphide nanowires.},
  author={Yusuke Kitauchi and Yasunori Kobayashi and Katsuhiro Tomioka and Shinjiro Hara and Kenji Hiruma and Takashi Fukui and Junichi Motohisa},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={10 5},
We study the catalyst-free growth of InP nanowires using selective-area metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy (SA-MOVPE) and show that they undergo transition of crystal structures depending on the growth conditions. InP nanowires were grown on InP substrates where the mask for the template of the growth was defined. The nanowires were grown only in the opening region of the mask. It was found that uniform array of InP nanowires with hexagonal cross section and with negligible tapering were grown… CONTINUE READING