Structural study of levitated liquid Y2O3 using neutron scattering

  title={Structural study of levitated liquid Y2O3 using neutron scattering},
  author={Viviana Cristiglio and Louis Hennet and Gabriel Julio Cuello and Irina Pozdnyakova and Aleksei Bytchkov and Pierre Palleau and Henry E. Fischer and Didier Zanghi and M.-L. Saboungi and David Lee Price},
Abstract The local structure of liquid Y 2 O 3 at 2800 K has been investigated by combining aerodynamic levitation and laser heating with the neutron scattering technique. Despite relatively low counting statistics, we have been able to determine the short-range order in the liquid. In particular, we found Y–O and Y–Y coordination numbers around 6 and 12, confirming our previous study by anomalous X-ray scattering. The unusually sharp main diffraction peak observed with X-ray measurements, and… CONTINUE READING