Structural studies on the impurities of troglitazone.


The impurity profile study of troglitazone has been carried out primarily by (liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry) LC-MS. Four process-related impurities have been detected by LC-MS and were confirmed by co-injection with authentic samples. Apart from the process-related impurities, two polar by-products were characterized by mass spectral data and… (More)


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@article{Babu2003StructuralSO, title={Structural studies on the impurities of troglitazone.}, author={J. Moses Babu and D R Nageshwar and Yalavarthi Ravindra Kumar and Ch. Prabhakar and Moushumi Sen Sarma and G Om Reddy and Krishnamurthi Vyas}, journal={Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis}, year={2003}, volume={31 2}, pages={271-81} }