Structural studies of human HIV-1 V3 antibodies.

  title={Structural studies of human HIV-1 V3 antibodies.},
  author={Robyn L Stanfield and Ian A. Wilson},
  journal={Human antibodies},
  volume={14 3-4},
X-ray crystallographic structures of two human, anti-V3 HIV-1 neutralizing antibodies, 447-52D and 2219, show how the two antibodies use different strategies for their cross-reactivity with different V3 sequences. 447-52D recognizes V3 primarily through main-chain hydrogen bonds to the N-terminal side of V3, with the GPGR tip region buried in the antigen-combining site. The side chains on the N-terminal side of V3 are exposed to solvent, allowing for sequence changes in this region, thus… CONTINUE READING