Structural requirements for heparan sulphate self-association.

  title={Structural requirements for heparan sulphate self-association.},
  author={Linn{\'e}a Fransson and Birgitta Havsmark},
  journal={Carbohydrate research},
  volume={110 1},
To investigate heparan sulphate self-association, various sub-fractions of beef-lung heparan sulphate have been subjected to affinity chromatography on heparan sulphate-agarose. A particular variant of heparan sulphate was chiefly bound to matrices substituted with the same or cognate heparan sulphates. N-desulphation and N-acetylation abolished the chain-chain interaction. Also, dermatan sulphates and chondroitin sulphates showed affinity for heparan sulphate-agarose. [3H]Heparan sulphates… CONTINUE READING