Structural remodeling of unweighted soleus myotendinous junction in monkey.

  title={Structural remodeling of unweighted soleus myotendinous junction in monkey.},
  author={Sandrine Roffino and Alain Carnino and Ang{\`e}le Chopard and Murielle Mutin and J. -F. Marini},
  journal={Comptes rendus biologies},
  volume={329 3},
This study describes the morphology of the soleus myotendinous junction (MTJ) in the Rhesus monkey. Ultrastructural observations revealed a structural complexity that probably reflects functional adaptations. We also studied ultrastructural modifications of the MTJ in response to 14 days of hypokinesia and microgravity (Bion 11 mission). The reduced limb mobility of the animals, placed in a safety seat aboard the satellite, induced a sarcolemmal remodeling that was enhanced by the microgravity… CONTINUE READING

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