Structural rearrangements on HIV-1 Tat (32-72) TAR complex formation.

  title={Structural rearrangements on HIV-1 Tat (32-72) TAR complex formation.},
  author={Andreas Metzger and Thomas Schindler and Dieter Willbold and Madelyne Kraft and Clemens Steegborn and Armin Volkmann and Rainer W. Frank and PaulJ. Rosch},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={384 3},
Expression of the early genes of the human immunodeficiency virus type-I (HIV-1) genome is under the control of a trans-activator (Tat) protein. HIV-1 Tat action requires binding to TAR (trans-activation responsive element), an RNA sequence located at the 5'-end of all lentiviral mRNAs. We used various spectroscopic methods to investigate conformational changes on HIV-1 TAR binding to the HIV-1 (32-72) Tat peptide BP1. It comprises the RNA binding region and binds specifically to TAR. We… CONTINUE READING

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LeGrow, A.U

  • M. G. Cordingley, R. L. LaFemina, +4 authors T. M. Nguyen
  • Metzger et al./FEBS Letters
  • 1996

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