Structural proteins of rabies virus.


Purified rabies virions, unlabeled or labeled with radioactive amino acids or d-glucosamine, were dissociated into their polypeptides by treatment with sodium dodecyl sulfate in a reducing environment and fractionated by electroiphoresis in sodium dodecyl sulfate-containing polyacrylamide gel. The molecular weights of individual polypeptides were estimated by comparison of their rate of migration with that of protein markers of known molecular weight. Purified viral nucleocapsid and a mixture of envelope components, isolated from virions disrupted by sodium deoxycholate, were analyzed by the same procedure. The number of molecules per virion of each polypeptide was estimated from the proportions of the separated components, the known molecular weight of the viral ribonucleic acid, and the chemical composition of the nucleocapsid. The protein moiety of the nucleocapsid particle was estimated to consist of 1,713 molecules of a major polypeptide (molecular weight, 62,000 daltons) and 76 molecules of a minor polypeptide (molecular weight, 55,000 daltons). In addition to 1,783 molecules of a glycoprotein component (molecular weight, 80,000 daltons), the viral envelope contains 789 and 1,661 molecules, respectively, of two other polypeptides (molecular weight, 40,000 and 25,000 daltons).


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