Structural proteins of La Crosse virus.


Preparations of La Crosse virus, a member of the California encephalitis group of bunyaviruses, were found to possess three major virion proteins. Two of the proteins were glycosylated (G1 and G2) and were located on the surface of the virus particles. These two glycoproteins were present in equimolar amounts and possessed apparent molecular weights of 120 X 10(3) and 34 X 10(3). Virion nucleocapsids, isolated by a nonionic detergent and salt treatment, contained another major protein, N (molecular weight = 23 X 10(3)). A large, but minor, protein species L (molecular weight = 180 X 10(3)) was also found in virus preparations. The approximate number of protein molecules per virion has been determined. Electron microscopy of purified La Crosse virus indicated that the virus particle (mean diameter, 91 nm) is enveloped and possesses irregular surface projections (length, 10 nm).


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