Structural prediction of dynamic Bayesian network with partial prior information.


The prediction of the structure of a hidden dynamic Bayesian network (DBN) from a noisy dataset is an important and challenging task. This work presents a generalized framework to infer the DBN network structure with partial prior information. In the proposed framework, the partial information about the network structure is provided in the form of prior. The proposed method makes use of the prior information regarding the presence and as well as absence of some of the edges. Using the noisy dataset and partial prior information, this method is able to infer nearly accurate structure of the network. The proposed method is validated using simulated datasets. In addition, two real biological datasets are used to infer hidden biological interaction networks.

DOI: 10.1109/TNB.2014.2361838

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@article{Maiti2015StructuralPO, title={Structural prediction of dynamic Bayesian network with partial prior information.}, author={Aniruddha Maiti and Ramakanth Reddy and Anirban Mukherjee}, journal={IEEE transactions on nanobioscience}, year={2015}, volume={14 1}, pages={95-103} }