Structural phase transitions of cubicGd2O3at high pressures

  title={Structural phase transitions of cubicGd2O3at high pressures},
  author={Fuxiang Zhang and Maik Lang and Jianwei Wang and U. Becker and R. Ewing},
  • Fuxiang Zhang, Maik Lang, +2 authors R. Ewing
An irreversible structural transformation from the cubic phase to a hexagonal high-pressure phase was verified in Gd2O3 between 7.0 and 15 GPa. The compressibility and bond distances of both phases were determined by the refinement of the x-ray diffraction data. The high-pressure phase of Gd2O3 is 9.2% denser than the cubic phase at 7 GPa. After release of pressure, the high-pressure phase transformed to a monoclinic structure. The pressure-induced phase transition from the monoclinic to the… CONTINUE READING