Structural organization of enteric nervous system in human colon.

  title={Structural organization of enteric nervous system in human colon.},
  author={Lidia Ibba-Manneschi and Marta Martini and Sandra Zecchi-Orlandini and M. S. Faussone-Pellegrini},
  journal={Histology and histopathology},
  volume={10 1},
The organization of the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) was studied in the human colon. Fragments of the whole colonic wall were either routinely processed or Zinc-Iodide Osmium impregnated. Single-layer preparations were also obtained from some of the Zinc-Iodide Osmium-impregnated specimens. The results showed some differences in the organization of human colonic ENS from that of other mammals. In fact, the human submucous plexus was made up of three interconnected ganglionated networks arranged… CONTINUE READING


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