Structural organization of authentic, mature HIV-1 virions and cores.

  title={Structural organization of authentic, mature HIV-1 virions and cores.},
  author={John A. G. Briggs and Thomas Wilk and Reinhold Welker and Hans-Georg Kr{\"a}usslich and Stephen D. Fuller},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={22 7},
Mature, infectious HIV-1 particles contain a characteristic cone-shaped core that encases the viral RNA and replication proteins. The architectures of mature virions and isolated cores were studied using cryo-electron microscopy. The average size ( approximately 145 nm) of the virion was unchanged during maturation. Most virions contained a single core but roughly one-third contained two or more cores. Consideration of the capsid protein concentration during core assembly indicated that core… CONTINUE READING
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