Structural mechanisms of plexin signaling.

  title={Structural mechanisms of plexin signaling.},
  author={Heath G. Pascoe and Yuxiao Wang and Xuewu Zhang},
  journal={Progress in biophysics and molecular biology},
  volume={118 3},
Signaling through plexin, the major cell surface receptor for semaphorin, plays critical roles in regulating processes such as neuronal axon guidance, angiogenesis and immune response. Plexin is normally kept inactive in the absence of semaphorin. Upon binding of semaphorin to the extracellular region, plexin is activated and transduces signal to the inside of the cell through its cytoplasmic region. The GTPase Activating Protein (GAP) domain in the plexin cytoplasmic region mediates the major… CONTINUE READING