Structural mechanisms in NLR inflammasome signaling.

  title={Structural mechanisms in NLR inflammasome signaling.},
  author={Bernhard C. Lechtenberg and Peter D Mace and Stefan J. Riedl},
  journal={Current opinion in structural biology},
Members of the NOD-like receptor (NLR) family mediate the innate immune response to a wide range of pathogens, tissue damage and other cellular stresses. They achieve modulation of these signals by forming oligomeric signaling platforms, which in analogy to the apoptosome are predicted to adopt a defined oligomeric architecture and will here be referred to as NLR oligomers. Once formed, oligomers of the NLR proteins NLRP3 or NLRC4 'recruit' the adaptor protein ASC and the effector caspase-1… CONTINUE READING
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