Structural insight into the biogenesis of β-barrel membrane proteins

  title={Structural insight into the biogenesis of β-barrel membrane proteins},
  author={Nicholas Noinaj and Adam J. Kuszak and James C. Gumbart and Petra Lukacik and Hoshing Chang and Nicole C. Easley and Trevor Lithgow and Susan K Buchanan},
β-barrel membrane proteins are essential for nutrient import, signalling, motility and survival. In Gram-negative bacteria, the β-barrel assembly machinery (BAM) complex is responsible for the biogenesis of β-barrel membrane proteins, with homologous complexes found in mitochondria and chloroplasts. Here we describe the structure of BamA, the central and essential component of the BAM complex, from two species of bacteria: Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Haemophilus ducreyi. BamA consists of a large… CONTINUE READING
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