Structural diversity of lithium sulfenamides: 7Li NMR studies in solution and crystal structures of [Li2(eta2-(CH3)3C-NS-C6H4CH(3)-4)2(THF)2] and [Li2(eta1-4-CH3C6H4-NS-C6H4CH(3)-4)2(THF)4].

Two lithium sulfenamides were prepared by reaction of (CH(3))(3)C-N(H)-S-C(6)H(4)CH(3)-4 (1) and 4-CH(3)C(6)H(4)-N(H)-S-C(6)H(4)CH(3)-4 (2) with an alkyllithium. The unsolvated sulfenamide Li[(CH(3))(3)C-NS-C(6)H(4)CH(3)-4] (3) was soluble enough for variable-temperature (VT) (7)Li NMR to provide evidence of a dynamic exchange of oligomers in solution. The… CONTINUE READING