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Structural determination and packing analysis of a cholesteryl caprate/cholesteryl laurate solid solution.

  title={Structural determination and packing analysis of a cholesteryl caprate/cholesteryl laurate solid solution.},
  author={M. P. Mccourt and Phyllis D. Strong and Walter A. Pangborn and Douglas L. Dorset},
  journal={Journal of lipid research},
  volume={35 4},
This paper describes the X-ray crystal structure analysis of a cholesteryl ester solid solution, cholesteryl decanoate/cholesteryl laurate, grown from a bulk concentration with molar ratio 0.56/0.43. The unit cell is monoclinic with a = 12.969, b = 9.048, c = 31.137 A, and beta = 91.12 degrees and the space group P2(1) with Z = 4 (two molecules per asymmetric unit). The cell constants closely represent an average value of crystal parameters for the two pure components (hence, nearly… 


Molecular interactions in binary solids: crystal structure of a cholesteryl ester solid solution.
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The room-temperature crystal structure is very much like that of cholesteryl laurate monolayer I packing, in the form where the esterified fatty acid chains are fully extended, with no salient sign of conformational disorder seen in this binary solid.
The crystal structure of cholesteryl laurate at 298 K
Cholesteryl laurate, C39H6802, is monoclinic, space group P2~ with cell dimensions a = 12.989 (8), b = 9.008 (5), c = 32.020 (14) A, fl = 91.36 (5) °, and Z = 4 (two molecules in the asymmetric unit,
Conformation and packing of unsaturated chains in cholesteryl linolelaidate at 123 K.
At 123 K, crystals of cholesteryl trans-9-trans-12-octadecadienoate (cholesteryl linolelaidate, C47H76O2) are monoclinic, space group P2(1) with cell dimensions a = 13.03(3), b = 8.76(2), c =
Conformation of the oleate chains in crystals of cholesteryl oleate at 123 K.
At 123 K, crystals of cholesteryl cis-9-octadecenoate (cholesteryl oleate, C45H78O2) are monoclinic, space group P2(1) with unit cell dimensions, which are very similar to those observed in the room temperature structure.
Conformational changes of cholesteryl palmitoleate in the crystal structure at low temperature.
Measurements of the unit cell dimensions at twelve temperatures indicate that the major changes in the crystal structure of cholesteryl palmitoleate occur in a 10 K range near 173 K.
Cholesteryl esters of saturated fatty acids: cosolubility and fractionation of binary mixtures.
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Factors affecting the solid state miscibility of saturated chain cholesteryl esters were determined from electron diffraction and differential scanning calorimetric measurements on a homologous
Direct structure analysis of a paraffin solid solution.
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It is apparent, however, that lower atomic occupancies at the chain ends correspond to anticipated disorder at the lamellar interface and structural refinement based on this occupancy results in a good match to the observed intensity data.
Measurement of the growth kinetics of microdomains in binary n-alkane solid solutions by infrared spectroscopy
Microphase segregation occurs in certain solid-solution binary mixtures of n-alkanes at room temperature. The kinetics of segregation for the mixtures C 28 H /C 36 D , C 29 H /C 36 D , and C 30 H /C
Chain length and the cosolubility of n-paraffins in the solid state
Investigation of binary phase behavior for one type of paraffin layer structure i.e, the rectangular packing in the orthorhombic perpendicular methylene cell, to a maximum chain length of 60 carbon