Structural determination and characterization of copper and zinc bis-glycinates with X-ray crystallography and mass spectrometry

  title={Structural determination and characterization of copper and zinc bis-glycinates with X-ray crystallography and mass spectrometry},
  author={Sanjit Konar and Kevin J. Gagnon and Abraham Clearfield and C P Thompson and Jennifer Hartle and Clayton Ericson and Chad P Nelson},
  journal={Journal of Coordination Chemistry},
  pages={3335 - 3347}
X-ray crystallography, inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy, electrospray mass spectroscopy, and combustion elemental analysis were used to determine the content and structure of copper and zinc bis-glycinate crystals. Crystals were grown from copper sulfate-glycine and zinc hydroxide-glycine solutions. The crystal structures were then resolved by X-ray crystallography, and data from electrospray mass spectroscopy along with elemental analyses are used to support the crystal structure. The… 
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