Structural determinants of GAD antigenicity.

  title={Structural determinants of GAD antigenicity.},
  author={Yasir Arafat and Gustavo Fenalti and James C. Whisstock and Ian R. Mackay and Maria Garcia de la Banda and Merrill J. Rowley and Ashley M. Buckle},
  journal={Molecular immunology},
  volume={47 2-3},
Our aim was to ascertain structural determinants of autoantigenicity based on the model of the diabetes autoantigen glutamic acid decarboxylase 65 kDa isoform (GAD65) in comparison with that of the non-autoantigenic isoform GAD67. This difference exists despite the two isoforms having the same fold and high sequence identity. Autoantibodies to GAD65 precede the development of type 1 diabetes and are clinical markers of this and certain neural autoimmune diseases. To date, epitope mapping has… CONTINUE READING