Structural considerations on the iridoids as anti-inflammatory agents.

  title={Structural considerations on the iridoids as anti-inflammatory agents.},
  author={Mar{\'i}a del Carmen Recio and Rosa Mar{\'i}a Giner and Salvador M{\'a}{\~n}ez and Jos{\'e} Luis R{\'i}os},
  journal={Planta medica},
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Twelve iridoid glycosides have been evaluated for their anti-inflammatory activity on two models: the carrageenan-induced mouse paw edema and the TPA-induced mouse ear edema. Loganic acid was the most active (44.4% edema inhibition) on the former test, whereas the catalpol derivative mixture isolated from Scrophularia, aucubin, verbenalin, and loganin, showed the highest activity (from 72.0 to 80.0% edema inhibition) on the latter. The results allowed us to establish the relationship between… 
An overview on anti-inflammatory activities of Aucubin
This review provides a comprehensive advance on the pharmacological studies to confirm the potent anti-inflammatory effect and its underlying molecular mechanism of aucubin.
Morroniside cinnamic acid conjugate as an anti-inflammatory agent.
Antiinflammatory Activities of Hungarian Stachys species and Their Iridoids
The results led to the conclusion that most probably iridoids are responsible for the antiinflammatory effect of Stachys species, but other active constituents or their synergism must also be implicated in the anti inflammatory effect.
Anti-inflammatory Activity of Melampyrum barbatum and Isolation of Iridoid and Flavonoid Compounds
Data validate the ethnomedicinal use of M. barbatum for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and reveal that iridoids and flavonoids could be responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect of this species.
Anti-Inflammatory Activity Comparison among Scropoliosides—Catalpol Derivatives with 6-O-Substituted Cinnamyl Moieties
Scropolioside B had the strongest antiinflammatory effects against LPS-induced NF-κB activity, cytokines mRNA expression, IL-1β secretion, and cyclooxygenase-2 activity.
Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities of some Linaria species from Turkey
Oral administration of L. aucheri 20% aqueous extract, LA-MeOH:H2O(8:2), as well as antirrinoside significantly inhibited TPA-induced ear edema in mice, showing significant antinociceptive activity by p-benzoquninone-induced writhing reflex in mice.