Structural characterization of macroH2A containing chromatin.

  title={Structural characterization of macroH2A containing chromatin.},
  author={D Wade Abbott and Mario Laszczak and John D. Lewis and Harvey Su and Susan C Moore and Melissa H Hills and Stefan Dimitrov and Juan Ausi{\'o}},
  volume={43 5},
MacroH2A (mH2A) is one of the most recently identified members of the heteromorphous histone variant family. It is unique among the members of this group because it contains an unusually large non-histone C-terminal end, from where its name derives, and appears to be restricted to subphylum vertebrata. Although a concerted effort has been carried out in order to characterize the physiological relevance of mH2A, little is known in comparison about the structural importance of the molecule… CONTINUE READING