Structural characterization and self-association of (Arylimido)vanadium(V) triisopropoxides.

  title={Structural characterization and self-association of (Arylimido)vanadium(V) triisopropoxides.},
  author={Toshiyuki Moriuchi and Kenta Ishino and Tomohiko Beppu and Masafumi Nishina and Toshikazu Hirao},
  journal={Inorganic chemistry},
  volume={47 17},
(Arylimido)vanadium(V) triisopropoxides, [( p-RC 6H 4N)V(O (i) Pr) 3] (R = NMe 2, OMe, H, CN, NO 2, Br), were prepared by the reaction of VO(O (i) Pr) 3 with the aryl isocyanates without solvent. The structures of the (arylimido)vanadium(V) triisopropoxides were characterized by single-crystal X-ray structure determination to elucidate the substituent effect on the self-association properties. Controlled association of the (arylimido)vanadium(V) triisopropoxides to the mu-oxo-bridged dimer… CONTINUE READING