Structural characterization and antioxidant activity evaluation of lignins from rice husk.

  title={Structural characterization and antioxidant activity evaluation of lignins from rice husk.},
  author={Anika Salanti and Luca Zoia and Marco Orlandi and Fabiana Zanini and Graziano Elegir},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={58 18},
In recent years, lignin and extractives from herbaceous plants and crops are receiving increasing attention for their renewability and large annual biomass stock. It is worth noting that only a few studies deal with the chemical characterization of rice husk, a side product of one of the most important crops with regard to human nutrition. Thus, in this study lignin from rice husk was isolated and characterized. Two different extraction procedures were optimized and tested: acidolysis and… CONTINUE READING
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