Structural changes induced by NaCl in companion and transfer cells of Medicago sativa blades

  title={Structural changes induced by NaCl in companion and transfer cells of Medicago sativa blades},
  author={N{\'e}ziha Ghanem Boughanmi and Philippe Michonneau and M.-C. Verdus and François Piton and Ezzedine Ferjani and Essia Bizid and Pierrette Fleurat-Lessard},
 Medicago sativa var. Gabes is a perennial glycophyte that develops new shoots even in high salinity (150 mM NaCl). In the upper exporting leaves, K+ is high and Na+ is low by comparison with the lower leaves, where Na+ accumulation induces chlorosis after 4 weeks of NaCl treatment. By secondary ion mass spectroscopy, a low Na+/K+ ratio was detected in the phloem complex of blade veins in these lower leaves. By transmission electron microscopy, the ultrastructural features were observed in the… CONTINUE READING
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